Item RepairsItem Repairs

Making Your Items Last Longer

It’s so annoying when you buy a great jacket and then tear the pocket on a door handle, or you fall over and damage your trouser leg or skirt. My repair service is the perfect solution. I will assess your damaged garment and advise you on the expected outcome free of charge.

Need a zip replaced

Ski jacket, suit trousers or summer dress. Chunky, metal open ended or concealed zips, we can help you as the cost of the repair would be far less than the cost of replacing the garment. Repairs to your garments can be made as discreet as possible.

Repairs made to all items of clothing

If you have torn or damaged the item it can be repaired in a variety of ways to enable you to continue wearing it.

Bags & Holdalls

We also carry out repairs to bags, backpacks and holdalls. Broken handles, damaged pockets & linings can all be repaired giving you many more years of use.

I thought my bag was ready for the bin, then Make & Mend fixed the handle with ease and now its stronger than ever. George