Clothing AlterationsClothing Alterations

No two people have the same shape, its a fact!. There’s no need to accept how the clothing manufacturers think we should be shaped. A wide range of alterations can be performed to make your garments fit perfectly.

Jackets, Dresses, Skirts, Trousers, Shirts, or anything else
you’ll be surprised at what can be achieve

Very often, what you’re looking for in the shops isn’t the right size, or if it is, it just doesn’t quite fit as it should.

It’s also expensive to go out and have all your clothes made just for you. Don’t worry we have the answer! We offer a range of services to get that perfect fit.

The most common alterations are shortenings, also very common are alterations to waists/hips and sleeves. Our alterations  are discrete and professionally finished.

  • Need a re-vamp of your wardrobe?
  • Have you lost weight or put a little on?
  • Wanting to update your look perhaps but have a tight budget?

Why not give me a call so that we can help you with your requirements, by taking in or letting out, shortening the garment, adjustments to that revealing neckline to protect your modesty!! Shorten the full length dress hanging in your wardrobe so you can make better use of it, and can be worn again. Take up your jeans so they can be worn with boots or flat shoes. Update your look by altering the hemline or skirt design. Alterations to girl’s party dresses so they can be worn not only more than once but next year too!!

All garments either hand or machine stitched depending on the fabric and the finishing required.

Please give me a call if you have any questions and hope to give you all the advice you’ll need