My aim is to offer an efficient & reliable seamstress service.

Clothing Alterations

Giving your clothes the designer look

No two people have the same shape, its a fact!.There’s no need to accept how the clothing manufacturers think we should be shaped. A wide range of alterations can be performed to make your garments fit perfectly.

Curtain Alterations

Dressing windows perfectly

To save money, most curtain manufacturers mass produce curtains in just a few standard lengths and widths. Having your curtains made to measure is often expensive, many times the value of the off-the-shelf products. Make and Mend can offer a seamstress service visiting your home, measuring your window space and then make the necessary alterations to your curtains so as to make them fit perfectly.


Don’t despair, I can repair

It’s so annoying when you buy a great jacket and then tear the pocket on a door handle, or you fall over and damage your trouser leg or skirt. The Make and Mend repair service is the perfect solution. Our seamstress will assess your damaged garment and advise you on the expected outcome free of charge.

Party Costume Alterations

Making your party outfits fit more comfortably

Do you have the perfect dressing up party outfit, but it doesn’t quite fit any more? Bring it to us and we’ll measure you up and give your outfit a new lease of life.


Make and Mend

Services Offered

The range of services available are maintained at a high standard to ensure customer satisfaction. I offer a range of alteration services including:

  • Shorten any items of clothing,
  • Take in or let out waistband and seams,
  • Adjust clothing to fit you perfectly,
  • Alter necklines,
  • Take out or add pockets,
  • Taking in and letting out seams (tapering)
  • Alter ready made curtains & blinds
  • Made to measure curtains & blinds
  • Pencil pleats, Tab-Tops
  • Custom made tie-backs
  • Insulated or Black-out Lining
  • Reline curtains or blinds
  • Replace tapes
  • Coordinating scatter cushions
  • Repairs to any item
  • Dress straps reattached
  • Replacement zips
  • Sewing on buttons
  • Replacement pockets
  • School uniform labels